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Our Mission

The Formation Offices of the Diocese of St. Augustine exist to assist the local churches to participate more fully in the teaching mission of Christ and to aid the Bishop in his own task as shepherd and chief catechist of the local Church.

The Formation Offices have been established:

  • to proclaim the Gospel
  • to communicate the teaching of the Church
  • to form people in whom the Word of God has taken root
  • to provide programs and services which foster a living, conscious, informed and active faith

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Ministry Formation

The Ministry Formation Program shares in the ministry of leadership and service to the people and parishes in the Diocese of St. Augustine through a comprehensive program of spiritual, human, academic and pastoral formation of lay ecclesial ministers. Click here to learn more

Catechist Certification

The Catechist Certification Program in the Diocese of St. Augustine was developed to assist catechists who have heard God’s call to share the Gospel with others. In order to be effective in this ministry, the catechist must understand, love, live and proclaim the Christian message with enthusiasm and a sense of conviction. This proclamation of the Gospel in the parish community strives to lead students to a deepening knowledge about the faith, a greater participation in the liturgy, a prayerful connection to their God and a dedication to service to others. Click here to learn more

The Catholic Faith

The Mission of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Office of Christian Formation is to promote the evangelizing mission of the Church: to form disciples of Jesus Christ, by assisting the Bishop, as the head of the community and teacher of doctrine, to direct and moderate all catechetical activities of the diocese. (National Directory for Catechesis #59 C)

The office promotes the six tasks of catechesis:

  1. Knowledge of the Faith

  2. Liturgical Education

  3. Moral Formation

  4. Teaching to Pray

  5. Education for Community Life

  6. Missionary Initiation

(NDC #20)

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Becoming Catholic

Life is a journey that continually calls us to search for meaning. The human heart yearns for relationships that nourish the soul and satisfy the need to love and to be loved. Often when people reflect on these needs in their lives, it is not unusual for them to realize that perhaps it is God or a good relationship with God that is missing within their lives. This awakening to the need leads people to seek a worshipping community to guide them on their faith journey.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the normative way for unbaptized persons and those who have been baptized in another Christian tradition to become Catholic.

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Upcoming Events

Faith Formation Day – Orange Park

St. Catherine of Siena Parish


Parish Baptism Team Training

Prince of Peace Parish


Queen of Peace Adult Confirmation

Queen of Peace Parish


Catechetical Leaders Meeting

Catholic Center


Catechetical Leaders Meeting

Catholic Center